Mindfulness (MBSAT)

Mindfulness Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT) helps humans manage and understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors by being decidedly present in their daily activities to make skillful decisions in your professional and personal life.

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The mindful trait is in all of us. It invites us to stop, breathe, observe and connect to our inner
experience. It is a systematic training for anyone who is open to learning about themselves. Despite
the general belief that we make rational decisions, research has shown that our choices are mostly
driven by our emotions. Mindfulness regulates emotions, creating mental space for us to become more aware of ourselves and surroundings to avoid communication that can hamper our potential for well-being.

The MBSAT offered by L2T is grounded in mindfulness techniques and adjusted to the challenges of today. The program draws from several disciplines, such as secular mindfulness practices, positive psychology, neuroscience, behavioral finance, behavioral strategy, and system dynamics.

At L2T, we have a commitment to share mindfulness training with anyone who wants to understand and connect with their inner experiences to make strategic decisions develop deeper relationships. Through our mindfulness courses and resources, we are dedicated to inspiring, supporting and guiding individuals seeking to experience a different way of making choices for a sustained well-being. We also support corporate leaders who are genuinely interested in introducing mindfulness into the workplace to cultivate engagement and fulfillment in the organization.

“I had been interested in exploring the possibilities of attitude change and neuroplasticity, so the opportunity to take the MBSAT could not have come at a better time. We live in a technology and media-influenced society that aggressively pushes individuals into a mentally agitated state, and it is becoming clear that none of us are the better for it. I would recommend the course to anyone who seeks to reconnect with themselves and achieve a better balance between thoughts and awareness.”

MBSAT Course Participant

“I had always had interest in mindfulness and meditation but never
made the time to learn more about it. The MBSAT class was a great way
to educate myself on the practice while also making it relevant to my professional life.”

MBSAT Course Participant

“I would like to start by providing feedback with regard to the trainer, Sandra, who I enjoyed working with. I experienced her as conscientious, prepared and committed to advancing both my understanding of the material presented, and also in my ability to integrate and employ it. I don’t know if the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 mandated “lock down” helped or hindered our individual and collective process, but I feel that I was lucky to have this time and this tool to mindfully make my way through such a confusing and unprecedented time.”

MBSAT Course Participant

“It provided fresh insight on issues I thought I had long ago resolved occurred
to me as a direct result of my participation in the program. And I took advantage
of an opportunity to employ the tools provided by the course to address them.”

MBSAT Course Participant