Career Transition Coaching

We work with clients to design and implement effective career
strategies at all stages of career explorations and transitions. 

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There is no such thing as a one size fits all job search strategy. Our career coaches are experts in helping you define an effective plan to achieve your professional goals. We guarantee that our clients will be better positioned for success than before they started working with us. 

Career Coaching Services Provided:

  • Self-assessment

  • Job search and networking strategies

  • Assistance crafting a targeted and effective resume

  • Interview preparation

  • Feedback on interviewing and professional communication skills 

  • Strategies for “branding” yourself

  • Career development and transition

  • Leveraging your network

“I worked with Sandra when at a crossroads of career paths – staying corporate vs. going the entrepreneurship-route. Sandra’s guidance was relevant and calming at most times, a lifeline at other times. She ensured that it was I that arrived at my own answers (a true coaching vs mentoring approach) and that they were sustainable solutions i.e. I was clear about the “reasons why” I would take any decision I had arrived at. I went on to successfully set up my own consulting business and am still here 3 years later, despite having been offered some corporate roles along the way.”

Naheed Chowdry, MBA, Founder, IWill Consulting, Dubai, U.A.E.

 “I am so grateful to have benefited from Sandra’s professional expertise! My experience as her client was both a great pleasure and a tremendous value. Before we even finished the sessions agreed to in our contract, I had already landed my dream job and I owe this success in part to Sandra’s coaching! I am more confident as a professional and have many new tools in my job searching toolbox that I know I will return to anytime I search for a job or seek to advance my career. Thank you so much Sandra!”

Susan Bean, Community Engagement Manager, MountainTrue

“Working with Sandra was great! I was empowered and realized all my potential and the abilities, knowledge, and experience that I have to offer. Such realization helped me to explore the professional areas that I wanted to develop and break into therefore allowing me to make my professional dreams a reality.”

Andrea Martinez, Esq., Monitoring Officer at Inter-American Development Bank

 “Without a doubt, Sandra was one of the single greatest assets in my arsenal when seeking a new position after retiring from the military.  With no corporate background prior to meeting her, Sandra’s broad client experience and ability to translate key concepts of the corporate hiring process were essential in my ability to tailor an approach for each job interview. I found Sandra’s approachability and disciplined coaching style to be a great match for my personality.  She listened carefully to my concerns, asked sober and probing follow-up questions, and offered further considerations to help me formulate my own way forward. Bottom line, knowing I had Sandra on my team to back me up when I had questions or concerns was a very empowering position from which to enter an interview or salary negotiation.  I ended up with the perfect job that fit my personality, skillset, and salary/benefits requirements.  Sandra has my highest recommendation for those looking to empower their professional life!”

Aaron Austin, MBA, Country Director, Korea- Pratt & Whitney

“Sandra Buteau became my career coach when I began looking for a new job after 20 years. She is intuitive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and candid. Before our first meeting, just by looking at my resume, she could tell—even though I couldn’t—that job I was interviewing for would not fuel my passion. Sandra offered me moral support and helped me to explore options and practice interviewing as the search continued. She knew who I was and what types of jobs I should pursue. She scheduled time to meet with me outside her normal working hours and always responded immediately to my email queries. She was an enthusiastic cheerleader and helped me remain focused until I found the perfect job!”

Renuka Bery, MPH, Senior Nutrition Advisor, Save the Children, US

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort you dedicated to my career coaching. You have a strong ability to identify issues affecting my career and holding me back from becoming the leader I want to be. Then you were able to provide innovative solutions to overcome these barriers. The kind, personable approach, and positive energy you brought to all our sessions was particularly effective in helping me see areas to improve and make changes with real impact. I was able to put your guidance into practice within days of our meetings, and as I incorporate your recommendations into my daily routine, I expect that the positive impact on my career will be more long-term.”

Team Lead, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

“Sandra provided in-depth knowledge, strategies and resources that helped me during my job search. She was empathetic, open to listening and getting to know my motivations and skills to help me better present myself to potential employers. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through this process.”

Entrepreneur, Naval Aviation Veteran & Product Manager and Business Development at Booz Allen Hamilton